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October 18, 2021

I’m D’ondra.
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Hey! Yes, it’s been a minute…I know. I wish I could tell you all these wonderful things that

have happened in the last month, but really, I just didn’t think anything that I was going

through or dealing with was worth sharing.

My daughters have been busy with sports, my husband has been traveling, and we’ve been

trying to figure out where my oldest wants to go to college to play soccer. She graduates this

year… OMG!

Life has been pulling me in so many directions, that I had to just wear the mom hat for a

while and I’m loving every minute of it…well, some of those minutes were like, ugh…for real,

but for the most part it’s been good.

Ok, now let’s get down to business. I follow Heather Lindsey on Instagram. I’m sure most of

you know her and her husband, the Lindsey’s, but if you don’t, check them out on IG. They

shared a post of T.D. Jakes praying over them. It was great!

T.D. Jakes’s message, In Flickering Lights, was not just him praying over the Lindsey’s, but

what he shared with everyone else was so powerful, the Lord began speaking to me as I was

listening to the message.

He said:

Get connected to Me

Stay connected to Me

When you feel like I’m far away, go deeper

When you feel like you are alone, pray harder 

When it feels like everything is against you cry out louder 

Give the enemy something to be scared about, he’s put enough fear in you, he’s put enough fear in those around you 

Let him know who’s child you are and that he doesn’t stand a chance against you 

I am your Father

I am connected to you and you to Me 

It’s time to realize your birthright 

You are the head, not the tail

Get up 

Get moving

And do what I’ve told you to do 

No more procrastination 

Write out what you want for your life, for your family’s life and get to work daily… not when

you feel like it 

Now is the time 

No more playing it safe

It’s time to move!

I could put a period here and sign off. All I could say after that was JESUS!

To say that put a fire in me is an understatement. Those words made me want to dream

bigger. I mean, really lay out everything that is on my heart to the Lord.

I have a habit of playing it safe. I don’t want to ask for something I couldn’t attain myself for

the fear of being disappointed. If it didn’t happen, then the Lord didn’t want me to have it,

but I wasn’t really allowing Him to do it.

I would be excited over little victories, but inside, I wanted more. I wanted to see bigger and

better, but I was afraid of how I would act if I was disappointed. I don’t

like to be disappointed, I mean who does,

but I didn’t want to be disappointed in God, so instead of

asking or praying for more, I stayed small and unfulfilled.

Lately, I have been praying for God to help me get my life together. I have been inspired by a

few ladies I follow on IG and to see them and hear their stories has sparked something in me

that has me asking God to help me to do what it is He’s asking me to do. I feel like I don’t

know where to start, how to be consistent, or even a routine to help me stay on track.

The words He shared with me, was just what I needed, to know that He hears Me. He cares

about the things I care about, and not only does He care, but wants better for Me. And

regardless of where I stand with Him, He will never let me go.

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