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Create the home you have always envisioned with custom home furniture

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I am passionate about designing distinct, high-quality, custom pieces of furniture that bring to life your unique vision for your home. If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to find that elusive feature piece that perfectly fits your space, then look no further—I’m your girl! Leave the hassle of endless furniture shopping behind and infuse your creative flair into a one-of-a-kind piece that truly makes a statement!

“I’m a christ loving, coffee drinking, romance reading, woodworker.” 

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Investing in custom furniture ensures that you can finally bring your creative vision to life with pieces that are uniquely suited to your specific style. Don’t settle for ordinary design that doesn’t quite work in your space when you can invest in a custom-made piece that completely transforms your home.

Just stop. Furniture shopping doesn’t have to be like this.

Are you unimpressed with the standard selection of furnishings available at most stores? Are you uninspired by their same old, basic styles and lackluster details?

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Receive 1:1 support on your next DIY project to ensure you are successful every step of the way.

1:1 Coaching

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A unique experience for you to get a customized piece of furniture that doesn't break the bank.

Jennifer F. 

“Just got my tables!!! OMG!!! They are awesome!! Thank you so much. I am very excited. I will definitely refer my friends!”

Mil A.

“OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I can’t wait to pick it up!! I have nurse friends that would love to support and definitely buy.”

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Our process:

Because getting high-quality, custom furniture shouldn’t be stressful

We like to keep things simple and fun

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From woodworking to faith and every beautiful moment in between—discover the “why” that keeps me going.

A couple weeks ago, I got sucked into reading this book. The book was so crazy that everything...

My family found out some devastating news a few months ago. While we have been dealing with it,...

I saw this table on a website and thought it was cool. I thought to myself, I wonder if I...

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Tune into “It's Time to Listen: Getting Quiet in the Midst of Chaos” to dive deeper into my passion for woodworking and the faith that gives my life meaning.

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