My custom furniture inspiration came from watching a self-taught woodworker share her story on Instagram. After watching all of her highlighted videos until 1am, I told myself that if I felt that same passion the following morning, I would dive right in and give it a try myself. Sure enough, the next morning, I got up, went to Home Depot, bought a miter saw and some wood, and went to work. I have been building custom furniture every day since!

Hey! My name is D’ondra, Founder of Workboots and Glasses, Custom Furniture Maker in Sacramento

“For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to learn how to build furniture, but was afraid of the power tools.”

I am so blessed to have such a fun career building custom furniture that also allows space for me to be the wife and mother I have always dreamed of being. 

I am a military (Air Force) wife who is married to my high school sweetheart. We have three daughters who keep us on our toes with their unique personalities that all require distinct parenting styles. Being a mother has grown me as an entrepreneur who builds custom home furniture by helping me better identify and address the various needs of my clients, ensuring that each individual voice is heard and valued.

I love that building custom furniture allows me the flexibility to invest in my family while igniting my entrepreneurial spirit.

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I keep chocolate by my bed all the time. I mean, it’s chocolate…need I say more?


I get mistaken for being my kids' sister all the time… and my kids hate it.  


I have so many glasses that I can wear a different pair every day for a whole month. Yes, I have that many. 


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Gilmore Girls, of course!

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Chocolate (drool)

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Letitia Wright

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Dr. Pepper

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(See's candy almond squares, please!)

Chocolate with almonds

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A few of my favorites…

From woodworking to faith and every beautiful moment in between—discover the “why” that keeps me going.

A couple weeks ago, I got sucked into reading this book. The book was so crazy that everything...

My family found out some devastating news a few months ago. While we have been dealing with it,...

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