His Timeframe, Not Mine.

May 28, 2019

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I was on my way to a consultation yesterday, and I put on some gospel music.

I played the song Prophesy Your Promise by Bryan & Katie Torwalt and started to sing along.

As I started singing along, I got the impression the Lord was trying to tell me something,

I turned down the music, got quiet, and started listening.

Now, the day before, the Lord had told me some things and I was going to pick and choose

what I shared because I didn’t want to share the part about my business

that he shared with me.

Why… you ask?! I’ll get to that.

So, I’m in my car, driving, listening to what the Lord is telling me and He asks me, why I

didn’t want to share what He told me in my blog post.

I responded because I didn’t want to be disappointed if it didn’t happen.

He asks me, why do you think you’ll be disappointed? I said, I know You will always

come through, but because the timeframe in which I would expect it to happen

will be disappointing.

He proceeds to ask me, do you make things happen, or do I make things happen?

I said You do.

God says, what makes you think you can put a timeframe on when I make things happen?

I tell Him, I can’t. He says, exactly!

I then asked Him, what should I do, when I feel disappointment coming from me expecting

something in a certain timeframe? He says his favorite thing to me, TRUST ME! I

say I do trust you. He says prove it! I said how?!

The Lord says when you find yourself disappointed in a specific timeframe you think

something should happen, ask yourself are you disappointed in your own timeframe or mine?

If I’m telling you something will happen, it’s up to Me to make it happen, not You.

I will always come through, make no mistake of that, but you have to be willing to wait on

Me, even if you feel like you’ve been waiting for a while.

There you have it, folks… God makes things happen in His timing. Not that we didn’t know

that, but it isn’t up to us to make it happen, it’s up to Him. We can’t put a timeframe on when

He comes through. They say, He may not come when we want Him, but He is always on

time… He’s an on-time God, yes He is!

I say all that to say, God shared some things with me that I was afraid to share.

Yes, let’s just call it fear, because I know He will make it happen, but if I tell someone and it

doesn’t happen then I look like I don’t know what I’m talking about or questioning if that’s

what He really told me. As I share what He said to me, I am believing Him for it. Nine times

out of 10, it isn’t just for me anyway, so here it is.

Be watchful

Be careful

Trust what I tell you to do

Consult Me before you decide to make big moves

Not everyone is for you

Trust that I have people that are going to have your back

Your business is about to take off

People are going to see you

They are going to know your name

I designed all of this before you were born

Just because it’s happening now, doesn’t mean it wasn’t supposed to happen this way

I have your best interest at heart

Trust My timing and know it is all going to work out, even when it doesn’t look like it

I see you daughter, I know you daughter and I am proud to call you my daughter

Sharing things with you like this almost makes me uncomfortable because of how God

shares with me, it’s intimate. I know I’m not to hold on to what He tells me, but

sometimes I feel certain things are just for me, and some things are meant to be shared.

I know this was meant to be shared because He questioned why I wasn’t going to share

things like I normally do. But, knowing that this is part of me trusting Him to make

things happen, someone else is in the same predicament where they need to be encouraged


I hope this has encouraged you and helped you to remember that we can ALWAYS trust in

the Lord because He will always come through!



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