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October 19, 2021

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This past week has been filled with teenagers and the things going on in their lives.

Like I shared in my post a few weeks ago, my oldest daughter, Kaylah hangs with a good

group of kids. I love them like my own.

They have almost been like extended family.

When they see me, they always speak, they call me mom when they see me, they all have

my number and call or text me when they need a ride or want to share with me something

about their day. These kids have opened up to me so much, I kind of feel like it’s a

therapy session with them. In a good way though.

There’s about 3 boys and 3 girls, not including my daughter that I have become close with.

These are the same kids from her sweet 16 that have formed a bond with each other and

have each other’s back. I really admire their friendship.

They really seem to keep it real with each other. Each one of them has their own battle

they are fighting and they have all came to me at one point or another to share what is

going on in their lives. Now mind you, it’s not your I like this boy or girl, type drama like I

was expecting, these kids are actually going through things the same way we are.

Some things are bit heavy for even me to listen to.

One night I was lying in bed thinking about my week, and everyday that week I had one of

my daughter’s friends share with me something that was going on in their life.

I listened to them share and either helped them to understand what was going on, or gave

them advice on what they needed to do. Sometimes all they needed me to do was listen

and hug them, take them to Starbucks for a pick me up or let them come over for dinner.

Either way, it seemed like something I did was helpful, be it something so small

as just an ear to hear. At times, I even questioned if I was doing anything that helped them.

I was talking to the Lord about what I should write about this week and these kids were

what have been on my heart. I keep trying to understand what it is that is making them

feel so comfortable sharing with me when they don’t always feel comfortable sharing it

with each other.

The Lord told me:

Speak life into these kids lives

They need to know they are important, that what they are going through is important too

They need to know that their feelings are valid

Not a lot of kids have what your kids have

Yes, they have a mother and father who loves them, but who is speaking to their spirit man

Who is building them up

If they aren’t being influenced for the Kingdom, who do you think is influencing them

Keep loving on them like your own

Keep being that person they want to come to for advice

Keep allowing them to share with you, and you share with them

They know who you are, they see it

Why do you think they all gravitate towards you

They see your light, keep shining, keep loving, keep being their point of reference when it

comes to Me. Little did I know that nothing is wasted when it comes to God.

Even when I didn’t feel like I was doing them a service, I was in the Lord’s eyes.

I may not be able to see how things work out for them in the future,

but the Lord allowed me to know that I am planting seeds.

No matter how insignificant what I think I am doing, my Heavenly Father sees the bigger

picture. My husband even asks me, why are you talking to them kids?

The only response I can give him is, they called me,

and if they called me, they must need something or they wouldn’t have called.

What may seem like little things to us, may be big in these kids eyes. This world is cruel,

y’all. If these young ones don’t see good in something, what do you think will happen to

them? Let’s all try to remember, these babies are watching us, even when we think they

aren’t, they are. Y’all know how sneaky teenagers can be. Just think, about what we don’t see

them watching us do. Any time we can show some love to our youth, let’s do it!

What can it hurt?

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