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October 19, 2021

I’m D’ondra.
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I had a dream I was with a lady that was elderly. She had passed away and I

was reminiscing about my time with her. I didn’t recognize the lady, but in my dream,

she was very familiar. It was like she was a part of me or we were close somehow.

While reminiscing, I went through everything we did before she was gone.

I remember trying to get her to go to the doctor, but she wouldn’t let me take her.

She kept making me detour. We went to the park where she got out of the car and just

walked around. I remember watching her walk along the side of the side walk like

it was a tight rope, like we used to do as kids.

I watched her people watch and get teary eyed as she watched them.

When I tried to get her to leave the park, she fought me.

She struggled with me to get her in the car, she struggled with me as I put the seat belt on

her, she wouldn’t allow me to close the door. Everything I did, was a struggle. When

I did get her buckled and closed the door, as soon as I tried to get into the driver seat, she

had already unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car.

The next part of the dream was us at the doctor’s office. She was so upset about everything

that when I asked her what was wrong, she didn’t want to tell me.

I suggested she talk to someone if she didn’t want to talk to

me to get whatever was bothering her off her chest.

We finally made our way to the doctor’s office and the nurse is asking her questions.

She doesn’t answer them. She is so uncooperative with them, that the nurse suggested we

reschedule when she was more cooperative because the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.

She ran out of the doctor’s office as I was trying to make the appointment.

I was asked what the appointment was for and told them it was for a therapy session.

Once they heard that, they told me she needed to be seen

immediately and they were going to keep her overnight for observation.

I start to panic and try to find her before they do so I can explain to her what is about to

happen. While explaining, I get emotional. I asked her why she didn’t let me reschedule the

appointment. I asked her why she didn’t allow me to help her. I told her, I had to let her go

with them in order for them to help her. She looked at me and smiled as tears rolled down

her eyes. She touched my cheek and gave me a hug. I immediately knew that was going to

be the last time I saw her and I cried hard as we hugged each other.

I woke up feeling emotional and asked God what it all meant. He told me:

Some of you are sick, a lot more than those want to admit

You let things around you get into your spirit and dictate how you feel and act

You try to deal with the symptoms instead of dealing with root of the problem

If you keep treating the symptoms, you will never get better and it will kill you before

you know it Stop allowing what you see and what you hear distract you from who I am

and what I can do I can change things at a moments notice, but I won’t do it unless you let

me. Trying to take things in your own hands doesn’t solve problems the way I can,

Come to Me

Lay aside every weight that is holding you down

Ask Me how to handle the situations you face

Don’t ask those around you

Only I know how to deal with the issues you have

Trust that I can and will

I can help you

Not when you are doing things on your own will

Allow my will to lead you

Remember my plans are to prosper you, not harm you

I love you and truly want what’s best for you

Let me show you who I am This really hit home for me. I know that when I see things on

Facebook or Instagram about what this world is going through, it hurts my heart.

There is way too much hate going on and not enough love.

We are all God’s children. He loves us too much to leave us the way we are, but if we don’t

allow Him to change us, we will be stuck like this. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to

guide us in ways like never before and see how He moves on our behalf.

Our better days are not behind us, they are before us (Haggai 2:9)

and I am looking forward to that.

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