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October 19, 2021

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yes, please!

A few weeks ago I heard a song that caught my attention.

It’s called Yes I will by Vertical Worship.

I listened to the words, and thought to myself, this is a beautiful song.

It really made me think about how my life was going…what areas I am lacking in trusting God. It

even made me question if I was actually saying Yes to Him in those moments where I could feel an

unction to do something in the moments He tells me to do it.

Now mind you, I’ve heard this song a few times before. I really like it, it gets me to a place where I

can begin to worship. The thing is, when I am trying to be quiet and listen, at least when I think I

am trying to listen, I would think, why wouldn’t He say anything those other times before?

What I came up with, He wanted my praise. Psalm 22:3 says, But thou art holy,

O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. Meaning, when we praise God, things begin to change.

When we praise God, we change our mind’s focus. When we praise God, He gets the glory and is

able to change us for the better.

He didn’t need me to listen at that moment, He wanted me to praise Him. Sometimes, I forget

that is what I need to focus on and not the actual problem. It’s so easy for me to pray and ask God

to do this or that, but maybe, just maybe, what I need to do is to start thanking Him what I am

going through.

Maybe, in being thankful for what I am going through, what I am actually going through, won’t be

so bad. Instead of asking God to help me go through whatever it is I am going through, like He

won’t, thank Him for it being done already.

As I’m driving and pondering all of these thoughts, I could feel the Lord get my attention. It

caused me to get out of my head, and to be quiet so I could listen. He says:

No matter the situation you’re faced with, I will always be there

Don’t let the negativity that you see around you, allow you to forget who I am

Is there anything too hard for me?!

I am your provider

I am your protector

I am the one who makes a way out of no way

Remember who I am

I have your best interest at heart

I’m just a prayer away

Come to Me

Not as your last option

As your best

When you put Me first, it allows Me to show up and show out on your behalf

When you’re focus is on Me, it causes the atmosphere to change

Everything around you starts to shift

All I need is a yes

So, in all that we are bombarded with throughout our days, lets remember to say, Yes I will, lift You

high in the lowest valley

Yes I will, bless Your name, yes I will, sing for joy when my heart is heavy

All my days, oh yes I will!

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