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October 19, 2021

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These past few weeks have been, to say the least, trying. If you’ve read my last few blogs you know

that the Lord told me He was going to make me uncomfortable…well, it’s happening.

The crazy thing is, I’ve been expecting it. So, every time a situation comes up, I ask myself, “am I

uncomfortable?”  This situation, right now, is totally making me uncomfortable because it’s

causing me to question my parenting.

Am I doing right by my kid’s?! Am I setting a good example?! Is there something in me that is

showing up in them that’s causing this friction that I feel?!

Because this is going on, I’ve been spending more time in prayer, being silent to make sure I’m

listening, and even praying for more patience as I go through because it’s got me on edge.

I need to be filled up if I want to defeat this head on. Even though every part of me wants to be

stubborn and give off the same energy I’m getting. I must lead by example, not expect them to act

differently because I’m telling them to.

Parenting a child who feels they deserve answers to everything is causing me to get worn down. I

no longer feel the need to constantly explain why I say or do things the way I do, especially when

this child feels like they aren’t doing anything wrong.

It’s hard out here for a mom of teenagers girls!! I wanna run away all the time. Pray for me y’all.

The sad thing is, I think they are winning. It’s one of me, and 3 of them…THREE!!

I’m losing my mind.

I’m constantly repeating myself. They try to act like they are asking me a question about what I

just said, but I know they are just trying not to do what I just told them to do.

Ok, enough about them… I know all of this is going to work for my good. There’s a reason I’m

going through this and in the end I will come out stronger. I’m really trying to have a positive

outlook on this because I know how I respond determines my outcome.

I can’t go into this with a negative mindset. I have to remember that no matter how much I’m

being pushed away. I need to love harder. When I feel like they don’t want to talk to me, keep

talking to them. When they don’t want to be around me, embrace them anyway.

I won’t allow the enemy to stop me from doing my job as a mother. These are my children and no

matter how mad or upset or frustrated I get with them, I am still their mother. Whatever mind

games the enemy is trying to play, it won’t work here.

One thing I do know, is that in my frustration, I can always go to the Lord. He always gives me

insight. As I’m asking Him what is going on and what to do, he tells me:

It’s testing your patience because it’s part of your ministry.

Your first ministry is your home

There, you’ll experience a lot of testing because it causes you to look to Me

You want better for your family

You pray for protection for your kids

You want generational curses broken

You see them growing up in different times

All these scenarios require you to come to Me

This next season you’re going into requires complete surrender

You can no longer go off of what you think you know

This is new territory

You grow in the trying times, not when everything is going fine

You become stronger when you feel weak because I am your strength

The times when you feel alone, I am closer to you than you think

I’ve got your back

It’s all part of the process

Will this be the end, of course not… will I learn how to deal with it when it comes time for me to

deal with it again…definitely. I was built for this. The Lord already equipped me to deal with this

situation. Instead of retreating and acting like I don’t know what to do, I rely on my Father. He

always come through.

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