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October 19, 2021

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The other day, I was on my way to my nephew, Ja’Malcolm’s, kindergarten graduation.

He is going to be a first grader you guys…I remember the day he was born.

Geez time flies. On my way to the graduation, a song came on by Jonathan McReynolds,

called Make Room. Very good song.

What the Lord Pressed Upon Me

As I was listening to the words of the song, I could feel the Lord press upon me a question. I tried

to continue singing the song, but His words lingered in my head, that I had to actually listen to

Him and tune out the words of the song in order to figure out what He was saying to me. He

asked me if I was making room for Him.

I had to quiet the voices in my head and really listen to what the Lord was trying to tell me. As I

sat quiet, He begin to speak. But what He was saying to me was making me question my choices.

I was left with a choice of listening to the voice of God, or tune Him out even though I was

singing a song of worship.Letting Myself Dig Deeper

The song says:

I find space for what I treasure

I make time for what I want

I choose my priorities and

Jesus you’re my number one

So I will make room for you

I will prepare for two

So you don’t feel that you

Can’t live here, please live in me

I heard the Lord ask me am I making room for Him. I had to think about that. It’s one thing to be

doing what He wants me to do, but am I setting aside time to spend with Him. Am I actually

making room for God to do more in my life than I am allowing Him too.

I know we all want these great things to happen and believe God can do it, but are we wishing for

Him to do things in our life without putting the work in? Or are we making room for God to do

the unthinkable in our lives?

As I sat in the parking lot I pondered that question the Lord asked me.

Are you making room for me?

I answered, I think I am…

Every chance you get to spend time with Me brings us closer together

When we’re close I can share things with you

If we are apart it’s not as easy for you to decipher when I’m speaking to you

Remember, it’s a relationship, and in order for it to work you have to do your part

A one sided relationship doesn’t work

I will always be here, just remember to make room for Me

Everything else can wait

Don’t get too distracted with trying to get people to know what you’re doing

The ones that need to know will, don’t worry about that

Remember where your focus should be

Move the unimportant stuff out the way and make time for Me

As we draw near to God, He draws near to us (James 4:8).

When we make time for Him in our

every day lives, He takes care of our needs. We don’t need to worry about Him doing

His part, we need to make sure we’re doing ours.

Anything we put before the Lord, becomes an idol. Relationships, kids, jobs, money…all these

things that we want for our lives will happen as long as we keep Him first. The scripture tells us,

But seek ye first the king dom of God, and his righteousness;

and all these things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

Instead of trying to focus on adding things to ourselves,

lets make room for the Lord to do what

He already told us He would do.

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