He Always Comes Through

October 19, 2021

I’m D’ondra.
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This week me and my family got to see something that made us think bigger.

Not that we aren’t happy where we are, we have just been open to possibilities.

If what we would like to happen, happens, great…if it doesn’t,

then we wait. I used to think that waiting meant I did something wrong, like I was being

punished. Now, I know it’s just God’s way of saying, not yet or something better is

coming…maybe even a little of both I asked the Lord what I should write about this week

and He let me ponder that question for a few minutes.

I usually go off situations that happen in my life to determine what He wants me to share,

but I know that was training for me to rely on Him to be the source.

Waiting on Him to speak to me, or really, me quieting myself to listen to the Lord instead of

my thoughts has been a real eye opener for me. I get to see Him not only show up,

but know that He is always with me. No matter what I have going on, if I stop to let

Him lead, He will do just that, no questions asked. I am happy where I am now, and

I feel myself getting comfortable, to be honest. Part of me doesn’t want to

rock the boat, but the other part of me is looking to see big things happen in my life,

and I didn’t realize it until I saw something that felt out of my reach. The thing is,

I know who my father is and there is nothing too hard for Him, so if I believe who I say

God is, why do I feel like I am not able to attain this? I’ve seen the Lord come through on

way too many occasions for me to feel like, this is too big…it may be too

big for D’ondra, but what is impossible with man is possible with God. (Luke 18:27)

After asking Him, what He wanted me to share, He says:

There will never be a time that I won’t come through for you

All you need to do is call on Me

It is not in Me to fail my children

I need you to understand this

I already know what you need before you need it

Do you think I’d let you go without?!

The thing is, you have to trust Me enough to let Me

I will always provide for you, you just have to believe that I will and allow Me to do it

I am really just a prayer away

Remember that

Also remember, my timing is perfect

There will be times when you need to wait

That allows Me to show you something in the process

There is always a purpose in the waiting

Understand there is an order to the way things happen

And I don’t do things out of order

To think there are things in our life that make us believe that the Lord won’t come through

for us shows us we are. If we don’t open our mouths and ask Him to come through, how

can we expect Him to show up? Not to say He won’t, but wouldn’t you rather Him go to

work for you in ways you never thought He could because you asked Him to?

I mean, you’ve heard the saying, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. James 4:2 says, ye have not

because ye ask not. There will be things that are not for us, and we need to remember that

the Lord protects us in saying no as

well . But what He’s willing to give us if we ask Him are endless.

Let’s ask for the intangible things as well as the tangible things, because only He can fill us

with joy, peace, love, kindness, and everything else we lack.

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