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I’m D’ondra.
“I'm a Jesus loving, coffee drinking, romance reading, woodworker."
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In this episode, the Lord tells me how to handle a situation when I feel uncomfortable in a room full of unfamiliar faces.  He also lets me know not to continue to keep unresolved issues on the back burner. What he shared with me on how to let things go was crucial in what He’s […]

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In this episode, the Lord helped me to recognize when I was trusting Him versus when I wasn’t.  Holding on to things because we are afraid to be left empty-handed is a sure way to know if you are trusting in the Lord, or ourselves. https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/ZpUmInHfztb

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It's Time to Listen: Getting Quiet in the Midst of Chaos

Dive deeper into my passion for woodworking and the faith that gives my life meaning.

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I am passionate about designing distinct, high-quality, custom pieces of furniture that bring to life your unique vision for your home. If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to find that elusive feature piece that perfectly fits your space, then look no further—I’m your girl! Leave the hassle of endless furniture shopping behind and infuse your creative flair into a one-of-a-kind piece that truly makes a statement!

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